Sourdough Bread Supply

Sourdough Bread Supply

from 8.50

SourdoughBaker’s Bread Supply Service

Want to try real woodfired sourdough? We deliver to Newcastle and Maitland every Saturday.

The new School of Sourdough bakery does a weekly production run which will also be used as a training base for aspiring bakers. The Sourdough Bread Supply Service enables you to access your share of these loaves.

SourdoughBaker’s Breads

We have six delicious sourdough loaves to choose from. We regularly add one off specialties to the list - for example, at Easter we run our amazing Huge Hot X Buns for just one month each year. You’ll get a list of available breads each week via email.

Subscribers get an online order form. Everything that’s available for the following Saturday is on it, as well as your account balance. You simply fill in the numbers online and pick up your fresh bread Saturday morning. The six ‘staple’ breads are:

Plain Sourdough (750g)

Chunky Fruit Sourdough (650g)

Seed + Grain Sourdough (750g)

Turkish Sourdough (650g)

Country Rye Sourdough (750g)

Sourdough Baguette (750g)

We also have a list of Specialty breads, made on a regular basis, which include:

Sesame Wheat loaf

Olive + Oregano loaf

Hemp and Poppyseed loaf

Chocolate and Date

Spicy Fruit bread

Purchasing Options

Each loaf is valued at $8.50. We have a bulk purhase system, so the bigger your subscription, the better the price per loaf.

You can order one at a time, or more. Whenever you like. Your subscription isn’t timed out.

  • The Buy to Try Subscription is a chance to try our delicious authentic sourdough bread, and our service! Priced at $8.50 and delivered to a Pick Up Point near you any Saturday you like.

  • The Single Subscription pack entitles you to 4 loaves, a saving of $2 from the retail price. Priced at $32, you get 4 loaves over any time period. Just order them as you need them, and they will be delivered on a Saturday to a Pick Up Point near you.

  • The Family Subscription entitles you to 8 loaves, a saving of $12 from the retail price. Priced at $56, you can have one or more delivered to a PUP near you whenever you like (as long as it’s on a Saturday).

  • The Bulk Subscription entitles you to 16 loaves, a saving of $40 from the retail price. Priced at $96, you can have one or more delivered to your PUP any Saturday(s) you like till all 16 are delivered. There’s no time limit!

  • The SixPack Subscription allows you to order 6 loaves at a time and get a bulk discount. We will deliver directly to you on any Saturday you choose. Priced at $36, you save $2.50 a loaf, or $15 for half a dozen!

The balance of your subscription will be kept on an online record, which you can access any time. Your subscription doesn’t run out at the end of the month. It’s yours until it’s used.

How it Works

When you purchase a subscription, you will be emailed an online order form which you fill out. It’s in the cloud, so it’s updated to us automatically.

Do this by 2pm Friday of each week. On the form, you can specify which of the locations you would like to use as your pickup point. You can also set a particular location as your default delivery address (recommended).

You can also choose to have a standing order each week (saves time).

New subscribers should allow another day so we can get you set up.

We will send you a reminder when you need to renew your subscription. Or, you can set up a programmed payment with us by arrangement. Then you don’t need to think about it.

  • All our bread is pure, authentic, slow leavened sourdough.

  • We use sustainably farmed grain from Wholegrain Milling Company at Gunnedah, NSW, as well as other locally sourced flours from time to time.

  • We bake in a specially designed wood fired oven in the Lower Hunter Valley of NSW.

  • Water, which is about a third of the finished loaf, is rainwater.

We are a teaching bakery, helping people to learn the craft of sourdough from the ground up.

Your bread will arrive at the arranged location by 10 am Saturday morning.

Our system is limited to 100 personal subscribers only. Once you have used your subscription, it can be made available to another person, family or reseller, unless you renew. That’s why we recommend setting up an auto renewal.


Each Saturday morning (unless otherwise stated) we will deliver your order to selected locations in the Hunter Valley region - specifically in the Newcastle and Maitland areas.

In time (and with demand) we would like to service a wider area, which will take in Raymond Terrace and as far up the valley as Dungog.

There are Pickup Points (PUPs) in various convenient locations.

  • Lorne (JERF cafe)

  • Newcastle East (Local Crop)

  • Islington (Milford Espresso)

  • The Junction (Hunter Organic Foods)

    (If your business would like to become a PUP for our service, please give us a ring on 0409 480 750.)

What We Do

Our business model is different to many other bakeries.

  • We are not aiming for growth, we aim for sustainability;

  • we don’t look for profit, yet a surplus is welcomed;

  • we aim to produce as little waste as possible in all our practices, and to look for ways to create a waste free system.

  • We apply ourselves to the task of creating an enterprise that is collaborative and human centered.

  • We don’t want to create an enormous footprint on the planet, but an enormous legacy will be fine.

  • We want to see if ‘localism’ can work in the real world. ‘Globalism’ is a part of everything we consume, and we are learning that it doesn’t serve all of the members of the ‘global community’ (‘supply chain’) well. Localism, in theory, can be adapted to any environment, anywhere. We want to decentralize things a bit, so that people can once again take control over their lives.

    The idea is to have a kind of ‘multi village’ bakery, where locals can get a connection to their bread and their bakery and each other through a kind of ‘Saturday ritual’ involving a trip to the local cafe or food coop to pick up a loaf of bread made to order by someone they know.

  • If you are a local buying group, or operate a shop and think your customers would like this bread, why not subscribe? We have packages for larger volumes which make the saving or markup on the product substantial.

If this bunch of ideas sits well with you, then subscribe!.

If you just like fresh, real sourdough bread each Saturday morning, subscribe!

If you have a local shop or cafe who could use or sell this bread, send them this link, so they can subscribe.

If you have any questions about the service, or would like to know more, call Warwick on 0409 480 750.

Add To Cart

SourdoughBaker’s Breads are unique.

They are baked directly on the sole of our wood fired oven.

Each loaf has spent upwards of 72 hours being made. During this time the bread develops complex flavours, while harmful gluten proteins are slowly broken down.

All the goodness from the grain is preserved, while gut friendly enzymes are created in the natural cool temperature fermentation process. Breads which are allowed to ferment naturally in cool temperatures become pre biotic in the gut, meaning that they ‘house’ helpful gut flora.

All the breads come from a base dough made with only flour, water and salt. There are no additives of any kind - no bread improvers, fats, sugars or refined yeasts. 100% naturally fermented authentic sourdough bread.


Plain Batard

Chunky fruit.png

Chunky Fruit

Seed + Grain.png

Seed + Grain

Olive Baguette.png

Olive Baguette

Country rye.png

Country Rye

Who’s your baker?

Warwick Quinton has created slow leavened sourdough breads for thirty years. He is one of the original artisan bakers in Australia; he knows the longer the bread takes to be made, the better it is for you. His fundamental belief is that true sourdough bread is a staple food for all human beings. Naturally leavened breads are part of many different cultures, and they are made from many different grains for centuries. Bread has been a cornerstone of civilisation all around the world.

Over the years, industrial and chemical processes have almost completely subverted the baker’s craft. In so doing, bread has become yet another toxic substance we have been force fed. In some ways, bread has become the primary example of what manufacturing does to food and nutrition, with obesity and allergy being primary concerns in the Western world where bread has always been a staple food. The craft of bread making has been subverted by technology, and not in a good way.

Warwick teaches his craft to the general public and to the trade, with the aim of improving awareness of proper bread, as well as simple low waste, human and earth friendly technologies. Warwick’s approach to low technology baking means that the idea of ‘the village bakery’ is achievable, even from home. Bread brings people together. You can book into a workshop at Warwick’s teaching bakery in the lower Hunter Valley of NSW here.

Pingelly Bush Baking Workshop July 2018.09 Resized.JPG

Warwick teaches his craft widely, and has been a part of a renaissance in bread making culture world wide. He thinks bakeries should serve their local populations, and that they play a part in community life that is more important than simply supplying a commodity. By subscribing to this service, you’ll be supporting local producers - not just the baker, but the students who helped, and who will go on to start their own village bakeries. You’ll support the miller who selected and milled the grain that went into the bread; you’ll be endorsing the local tradespeople who built the wood fired oven, and who will build the next one too; you’ll support the farms where the grain has been sourced; and even the communities who continue to be directly built upon the grain economy that is so vital to our country. Your support is one way of helping to mesh together something that is larger than the sum of its parts.