Community Bake In

Community Bake In

from 25.00

On the Tour Down South between June and September 2018 only, there are 11 opportunities to host this new type of workshop, the Community Bake In.

The Community Bake In can be organised in your area as a value add for your own business or community enterprise, whether you are a cafe, a caterer, a market organiser or a local charity.

They can be held on either a Saturday or a Sunday when we are passing through a region advertised in the Tour Down South. Generally, when a Bush Baking workshop is held on a Saturday, the Community Bake In would be on the Sunday.

The idea is to get amongst people who might have a casual interest in baking, but who wouldn't be keen enough (as yet) to do a full day workshop. For $25 per head, they can learn the basics of sourdough baking, and even get to bake a loaf in the Bush Oven. They see the sourdough process in small chunks, and get to handle some dough and load their loaf into the specially designed Bush Oven. Once baked, they get to take it home as well!

These casual events are ‘place activators’. People see what’s going on and want to get involved.

If you would like to anchor an event at your venue, whether that is a cafe, club, caravan park or community hall, this bake-in will attract a lot of interest. The price covers 30 people. You might choose to invite thirty of your best customers and add your own special touch to proceedings, making it a value add for your business or group. Alternately, you and 29 friends could effectively sponsor a bake in, and we can spend a couple of hours chatting, learning and baking. 

We can manage up to 60 people a day - so if you have extras, simply add $25 per head after the initial 30. Alternately, if you are hosting at a public event (say, a market or a fete), you simply pay for the first 30 and we gather passers by and charge these people $25 each on a casual basis.

Dough is pre made, and presented ready to be formed and proofed, then baked. Full day events, such as fetes or field days, are also an opportunity to make dough on site using the Baker’s Trough, an old fashioned device bakers used for centuries before the advent of powered machinery for mixing.

If you would like to discuss the logistics of hosting such an event in your area, feel free to call me on 0409 480 750.

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The Community bake-in is something I've wanted to do for a long time. It enables people to get their hands in some dough, and to see and experience sole baking, up close and personal. In addition, it will show the Bush Bakery Mk II in action, with its unique combination of low tech equipment, all specially designed to be able to bake completely off the grid.

On board, the Bush Bakery Mk II will have a specially designed Bush Oven, a lightweight oven designed to be able to bake small volumes of bread using virtually any type of solid combustible fuel, anywhere. There will also be a Coolgardie safe, which is a type of evaporative cooler used over a hundred years ago in Australia. The 'safe' was given its name as it is believed to have first been used in the Coolgardie region of WA, a hot and dry place where these types of coolers were very useful before electricity. 

I am also making and bringing  a Baker's Trough, which was how bakers around the world mixed their dough before the widespread use of mechanical mixing equipment. The baker's trough is an example of a very simple and effective tool which greatly enhances a single baker's ability to make relatively large volumes of dough by hand.

People at the Community Bake in will get to experience all these pieces of equipment first hand, and to see how the sourdough process turns flour water and salt into delicious bread before their eyes, in a relaxed and engaging way. 

To book an event, have a look at the dates below. I will be passing through these regions, and will be able to run a Bake In on one of the two days I'm in your area. In most cases, this will be on the Sunday, but not always. By booking now, you will lock in your day of choice in your region.

Sunday 3rd June: Nowra. Venue to be announced.

Weekend 9/10 June: Braidwood area NSW.

Weekend 23/24 June: Melbourne area.

Weekend 30/1 June/July: Adelaide area.

Sunday 15th July: Perth area.

Weekend 21/22 July: York WA.

Weekend 28/29 July: Esperance WA. 

Weekend 4/5 August: Ceduna area SA

Weekend 11/12 August: Mildura area VIC

Weekend 18/19 August: Cowra area NSW

Weekend 25/26 August: Bathurst area NSW