Sourdough 101 Workshops 2019

Sourdough 101 Workshops 2019

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The Sourdough 101 Workshop is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to beautifully baked bread.

The Sourdough 101 Series of workshops are held in the lower Hunter Valley Region of NSW, at our specially designed classroom on a farm at Wallarobba. Situated only 45 minutes from Maitland and an hour from Newcastle, the School of Sourdough is in a converted dairy shed. The new classroom has been purpose built for Warwick Quinton’s style of slow sourdough fermentation, with Warwick and Craig Miller’s redesigned ‘Luna’ wood fired oven looking after the baking.

You will learn to make dough by hand, and will take some pre made dough through the 3 stages of proofing, until it is ready to bake. You can experience baking on the sole of our specially designed woodfired oven in an authentic and unique way.

Students also make their own dough by hand, which is to take home for baking later. This is where their sourdough adventure really begins!

It is a day of total immersion in real wood fired baking that you will never forget! You get to take home some freshly baked sourdough bread, along with the beginnings of your next batch!  A PDF of the Sourdough 101 notes are provided after the workshop, valued at $10, free of charge. 

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This full day intensive sourdough breadmaking class allows you to experience the entire sourdough process, from start to finish.


Rated the most comprehensive and enjoyable sourdough class in Australia.

You will learn the basics of how to set up your oven at home, so you can 'sole bake' effectively and inexpensively. Warwick Quinton, journeyman master baker for three decades also has lots of tips and tricks about using your oven for bread, no matter whether your oven is old, new, gas or electric, or even a backyard barbeque!

The workshop will cover in some detail  the three main areas of home breadmaking:

  1. Hand Doughmaking - sourdough starters, pre ferments, autolyse (automatic leavening), as well as some great hand kneading techniques.

  2. Proofing, Moulding and Finishing - the three proofs; dough handling techniques including rough rounding and how to do an intermediate proof, as well as retardation and temperature control, moulding and shaping made simple, knife work, and finishing techniques

  3. Baking Bread - oven set up, sole baking, using a peel, steaming, crusting, and working with 'hot spots' in your oven

The Sourdough 101 Workshop is experiential, and is full of useful 'real world' practical information, as well as tips and tricks to make genuine sourdough bread at home, including:

  • How to use and maintain a sourdough starter.

  • How to knead and turn dough by hand (easily and relatively cleanly) using the delayed salt (autolyse) method.

  • How to make a classic 'vienna' (or 'batard') shaped sourdough, including hand forming, proofing, dusting and slashing, ready to bake.

  • How to bake on the sole of the oven, without purchasing expensive and obscure equipment. 

  • How to use a baker's peel

  • Tips and tricks on how to make bread at home easily and cleanly and professionally,

  • Understanding Australian flours, the different types of milling, and where the best flour can be located.

  • Essential home breadmaking utensils and equipment, and  demonstrations of how to use these invaluable yet inexpensive bits and pieces.

It's a day of total immersion in the baker's craft, and one which students don't easily forget. 

Places are limited, and they usually fill fast, so make your booking now to reserve your day of truly hands on authentic sourdough breadmaking.

Details and Itinerary

Dates: Select a date from the drop down option.

Arrive: About 8.45am. Basic refreshments, including ‘camp coffee’ and teapot tea are available. Nearest espresso is in Dungog, which is a 15 minute drive.

What to Bring: As the property is fifteen minutes away from the nearest village, it's adviseable to bring food for the day. The workshop has a couple of short breaks through the day, so a grazing menu is advised. Also bring an apron, possibly a notebook and pen (though comprehensive notes will be emailed after the event); and cash if you wish to purchase Sourdough Starter, a Mini Guide and/or specialist flours when available. Your camera or smartphone will be useful for pictures throughout the day. 

Start: 9am

Finish: About 5 pm.

Location: Welshman’s Creek Road, Wallarobba NSW.

Where’s Wallarobba? You wouldn’t be the first one to ask that. Wallarobba is 45 minutes north of Maitland, or 15 minutes south of Dungog. It’s also an hour from Newcastle, and about 2 hours from the Hornsby entrance to the M1 freeway. It’s a rural area, with no more than a bushfire brigade and a community hall. Your map app will find it.

Precise directions and more information on what to bring etc will be emailed to you two days before the workshop.

For more information, ring 

0409 480 750.

Bookings can only be made online.

Our customers' and our own research has shown us that our sourdough workshops still represent the best value for money available in Australia at present. We welcome your views. Please contact us.

Cancellation Policy: 

We require 28 days notice for cancellations. We offer a refund if cancellations are made by this time. We also allow transfers between workshops if you need to reschedule - all you need to do is email us to arrange alternate dates. Transfers can be done up to a week before.

We occasionally need to reschedule workshops. If this occurs, we will attempt to provide you with at least a weeks' notice. In the event of something out of our control, such as inclement weather or natural disaster, we will endeavour to reschedule as close as possible to the advertised date.