Sourdough 103 Workshops 2019

Sourdough 103 Workshops 2019

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The Bush Baking workshop is all about making great bread with very little more than flour, water, salt and fire. You’ll see pretty much how things were done a hundred years ago, with a slightly modern take on various pieces of bakery kit which have been adapted or reimagined to suit the Bush Bakery Mk II, our special mobile micro bakery and classroom.

You'll be learning about sourdough fermentation, and how it can be successfully done with minimal temperature control to create tasty and nutritious breads.

We will learn about a baker's 'sponge', and why it is so important in making wonderful sourdough bread. We will hand kneading our dough, and you will learn some tricks to make dough ‘as good as a bought one’ without too much effort!

The Bush Bakery MkII was built to be as simple and as effective as possible; the design brief was to be able produce great bread from sourdough starter to crusty loaf ANYWHERE. It’s completely off the grid, and only needs access to water and a bit of sunshine. You will be learning some special techniques to make slow fermentation dough by hand without a whole lot of work; you’ll be proofing your dough in super simple technology powered by waste heat.

Finally, you’ll bake your bread in the Bush Oven, which is a special, super lightweight oven powered by anything that burns, including charcoal, biochar, briquettes, twigs, treefall and actual timber. The oven is designed for baking on the sole, so students will also get to experience this type of baking first hand.

The workshop is all about real world baking, with, and in, the elements. Expect a day of fun and adventure, as you experience a little more deeply how primal and immersive baking natural breadmaking can be!

The great thing about the Bush Baking workshop is, just for once, we have to let go of all our safety nets - the timers, the refrigeration, the oven's programmability, the internet and it's zillion variations on a single 'half baked' piece of information.

We have to make do with what we are handed on the day, with one mission; to bake some bread to take home and feed the family. It's a simple thing; but this basic task can be quite daunting. See how it's tackled by someone who has been doing this for thirty years.

Bush Baking Workshops tend to be pretty casual - there will be camp coffee and billy tea, and possibly toast at some stage. Bring things to nibble on as the day progresses, and maybe something to add to sourdough toast. Home made jams, cheeses and dips are all welcome, but not essential. We will supply the sourdough, but we welcome any recent baking endeavours you might like to share. Also welcome are people’s own starters, which we can have a look at in the group.

This workshop is a full day event, and you will learn a great deal about all manner of things, including thermal, mechanical and biological engineering; aerobic fermentation; mechanical, chemical and biological development; and of course, how to load a baker’s peel. You’ll learn about baking with fire, and believe me, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

All this as applied to the combination of flour, water, salt, temperature and time. This workshop is about how to make great, flavoursome sourdough bread, anywhere.


Start 9 am, finish 5 pm (approx - varies according to the weather, but we are usually close). Best to arrive fifteen minutes earlier so everyone can meet each other.

What to bring:

A notebook, if you are that way inclined.

A camera (which can be your phone).

An apron.

An esky (small is fine - it’s for dough and possibly starter).

Something to nibble on throughout the day.

Something to share on bread if you feel the urge.


Hat and appropriate clothing for the season. We are outside for a lot of the day; under cover, but still outside. We will also be in front of a wood fired oven - not so much if it’s hot, and a lot if it’s cold!

Some cash (or an account of some kind to transfer funds) for Sourdough Starter, booklets or other bits and pieces available for sale after the workshop.

The Venue:

These vary in terms of conveniences. There will be communication beforehand regarding specifics. Bush Baking workshops move around!

An email will be sent out on the Friday before the workshop with these details and all the up to date specifics as well.

If you have any questions regarding the Bush Baking workshop, please feel free to ring Warwick on 0409 480 750.

Bookings can only be made online.

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The Bush Baking workshops began in 2018 when Warwick Quinton created his Bush Bakery MkII and toured it from one side of the country to the other, and then back again. All the while, he conducted these fascinating workshops in remote, rural and urban locations throughout Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and NSW. People traveled hundreds of kilometers to take part, and the adventure has been documented in Warwick’s blog right here in this website.

For 2019, the Bush Baking Workshops are being held in areas of larger population, in special locations. People in the cities need to knead too! (Exact locations will be confirmed closer to the time of each workshop).

It's all about taking some of the ideas he’s been working with this past five years, and bringing them to the people; wherever they are, in the flesh. The internet has changed so many things; we can get all the information we want by a simple 'search'. We have become information loaders, rather than learners. So the Bush Baking Workshops are entirely tactile, and completely real world practical. They’e an antidote to the internet, in a way - the whole approach is about looking at baking from an entirely different perspective. A great deal of thought has gone into the Bush Bakery too - from the specially designed baker’s oven to the low tech/high tech evaporative cooler which keeps the dough in a relatively stable temperature while it slowly ferments.

Bush Baking Workshops are especially good for home bakers who have already been bitten by the baking bug. It’s equally good for first timers who just want to try the process out for themselves in a hands on way.

Warwick and his Bush Bakery MkII will be rolling into your location some time soon. Keep an eye out for when he’s in your area.