Sourdough 300 Refresher Workshops 2018

Sourdough 300 Refresher Workshops 2018


The Sourdough 300 Refresher Workshops for 2018 enable students to expeience the Masterbaker Skill Sessions for a second time at half price. They are based around real world artisan bakery practice, and they cover each area of sourdough bread production in detail.

The refresher workshop is held from Tuesday to Saturday at our special facility at Ellalong in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

This workshop is for students who have already completed their first Masterbaker series, but who require additional information now that they have established their own practice. Some students simply need to work through the series again, so that the entirety of the system really starts to gel in their minds. This is often necessary, particularly for first time bakers. It is also used for a kind of 'before bakery' and then 'after bakery' refinement of the Masterbaker Workshop principles. Warwick will work through the new details of your setup, as well as your proposed or running product range, with the aim of making the whole package work for you in the fastest way.

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