School of Sourdough
School of Sourdough
Learn to make real bread using only flour, water, salt and fire.

returning Bread to the people.

Sourdough is the native bread of humanity.

For thousands of years we've been making it and eating it. 

Nobody invented sourdough.  It's more like it hitched a ride with us. Or maybe we hitched a ride on the back of the bounty we were provided. It doesn't matter how you look at it. In every country, in every culture, there is a version of sourdough bread, made with local grain, water, salt and sourdough culture.

The School of Sourdough aims to enhance and cultivate the use of naturally leavened bread through teaching people how to make  bread in ways that will not destroy humanity or the earth. We work locally, but encourage the cross pollination of cultures and ideas.


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The School of Sourdough offers hands on workshops for all levels of sourdough baker. 


Workshop Notes

Can't make a workshop? Download our PDF workshop notes, or link to Amazon where other titles are available.


Live Sourdough Starter

Want to get started ASAP? We can post a fresh sheet of our 27 year old sourdough starter to you!

The best thing I’ve done this year!
— Sourdough 101 Workshop Student