School of Sourdough
School of Sourdough
Learn to make real bread using only flour, water, salt and fire.

Sourdough Workshops

Whether you are a complete beginner, journeyman baker, or somewhere in between, the School of Sourdough has something you will find useful. Our workshops range from half day demonstrations to five day professional intensives.

Warwick Quinton's no fuss approach to the art and craft of making sourdough bread is both simple and profound. By discovering many time honoured baker's methods, and then working with the natural process of slow fermentation, students learn the subtleties and skills of the true natural baker. These skills are further enhanced by the use of our unique twenty first century wood fired oven, which in itself is something as primal and compelling as the bread that comes out of it.

Students at the School of Sourdough learn to make bread they can rely on. Real bread, with real goodness. Nothing added, and nothing taken away.  Bread that nourishes the body, the mind and the soul.



Sourdough 101



The Sourdough 101 Workshop is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to beautifully baked bread.

This full day immersive sourdough breadmaking class allows you to experience the entire sourdough process - you will learn about dough fermentation, proofing, hand finishing and baking; you will learn the basics of Australian flours and how they are milled; you will learn how to knead, and how to 'rough round';  you will learn how to feed and maintain a 'desem', or dough starter; you learn how to set up your oven  and your home BBQ to 'sole bake'.  

You will make your own dough to proof and bake later at home, using all the techniques you learn on the day to replicate the top quality bread we are able to bake in our bakery.

Students also get to bake the bread they have proofed and finished at the workshop on the sole of our custom designed and hand built woodfired oven.  They then get to take home their freshly baked sourdough bread. Of course, many of these loaves never make it home at all, as they are eaten en route.

Once you have experienced the bread baked using this old fashioned method, you will see why artisan bakers the world over prefer to bake with natural fermentation and wood fired ovens!



  • Complete Sourdough 101 notes

  • Camp coffee (STRONG) and real tea in a pot (bottomless)

  • Plastic box for dough and proofing, as well as the dough you make yourself

  • Freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread to take home

BYO lunch and snacks, or buy from the cafe away next door. You need to bring an apron, a notepad and an esky to hold your dough. 


Full day hands on workshop

Sourdough 102

Sourdough Workshop 2.jpeg


Real wholegrain flours are quite different to regular plain flours, and require more 'tricks of the trade' to achieve wonderful results.

At this workshop, we will be making dough with fresh wholewheat flour, which is both highly nutritious and flavoursome.

If you have already attended a 101 Workshop, the 102 is an excellent addition to your knowledge base, as well as a good revision session with techniques you already have learned.

Working with Wholegrains Workshop is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to baked bread. It's based around the Sourdough 101 technique, with some important modifications for wholegrain doughmaking, proofing and baking.

You will make a 'sourdough sponge', or preferment; you will make a 'soak', and of course you will see how easy it is to make dough by hand. You will learn to 'rough round', to 'form', to 'finish' and, of course, bake your own sourdough bread in our woodfired oven. 

As an added extra, you get to take home the dough you have made at the workshop to bake in your own kitchen!



  • Complete Sourdough 102 Notes

  • Camp Coffee (STRONG) and real tea in a pot (bottomless)

  • Plastic box for dough and proofing, as well as for the dough you make yourself

  • Freshly baked loaf of wholegrain sourdough bread to take home

Bring your own lunch and snacks, or buy from the cafe and take away next door. You also need to bring and apron, a notepad and an esky to hold your container of dough.


Sourdough 103


Bush Baking Workshop

Sourdough 103 Workshops are all about ambient baking, using simple techniques to produce great bread by hand. These ‘Bush Baking’ workshops utilise the ‘Bush Bakery Mk 2’ as a mobile micro bakery, and are held in various locations around the country.

The Bush Baking technique is both simple and profound. Warwick teaches you how to ‘read’ dough in all seasons, and as such each 103 workshop is closely related to the weather patterns at the time they are held. Seeing his Bush Bakery is inspiring for home bakers, as it is a super low tech baking machine - it has a small wood fired baker’s oven, a solar powered evaporative cooler, and a proofer that gathers its heat from the oven.

Every 103 workshop is an event held on location. It’s baking without training wheels or safety nets; yet somehow, everyone who has experienced these special workshops comes away having learned something real and lasting from the experience. It’s completely hands on, and people find themselves completely absorbed by the day’s process.

You’ll learn about sourdough starter, making a ‘sponge’, ‘shaggy dough’ and ‘shiny dough’. You’ll follow and work through the process of taking some well made dough through the fermentation cycle to become beautifully crusty, authentic wood fired sourdough bread.

You’ll learn about bush baking using a camp oven, and how to bake with fire - weather it’s fuelled by wood or gas. Warwick shows you tips and tricks to employ at home to bring these techniques into everyday routines. We will share some bread made using the Bush Baking technique, and Warwick encourages people to bring their special favourite yummy things to share at the workshop’s tucker stops during the day.

It’s a fun day, and promises to have you looking at baking real bread at home in a whole new light.

2018-07-31 018.JPG

4 Day intensive

Sourdough 300 Series



The Sourdough 300 Series of workshops, also known as the MasterBaker Workshops, is designed for advanced bakers who want to move into the business of baking. Journeyman bakers also find these workshops essential as they provide all the missing links between their existing bread making practice, and truly authentic, high quality sourdough bread.

These workshops cover 4 days of intensive, hands on content, as students work alongside Warwick Quinton as he prepares an actual production run, from pre ferments to dough, to proofing and finally baking in his specially designed wood fired oven.

These workshops introduce students to the commercial world of artisan baking, using Warwick's very flexible techniques. Warwick's lifetime of baking experience rapidly brings students to a whole new level in this ancient craft. The workshops are completely real world, so students can actually learn what not to do as well as what to do.

A transformative experience. For the budding pro baker, not to be missed!



  • Sourdough 301 -  Practical Prefermentation and Production theory
  • Sourdough 302 - Doughmaking, Desem and Production Management
  • Sourdough 303 - Production Processing and Proofing
  • Sourdough 304 - Final Proof, Finishing and Firing
  • Printed notes for sections 301, 302.
  • Camp Coffee (STRONG) and real tea in a pot (bottomless)
  • Plenty of sourdough toast through the week
  • 500g Desem Sourdough Starter
  • Selection of freshly baked sourdough