Sourdough 101 Workshop Notes

Sourdough 101 Workshop Notes

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The Sourdough 101 Workshop Notes are based on the very well regarded Sourdough 101 Workshop series. The notes have been developed for people who have attended a workshop to back reference the content from the workshop. These notes are also really useful for everyone who wants to get going on their sourdough journey, but who have not yet done a 101 Workshop. 

The technique explained in the notes is specifically for the home baker who wants to make high quality, authentic sourdough, using only the most basic ingredients. Warwick Quinton's Sourdough 101 method is especially useful if you wish to bake directly on the sole of the oven, and shows you a number of easy ways to set up your home oven or BBQ for baking without bread tins. 

The method is also very flexible, allowing you to base your home bread making around your routines, rather than having to adjust your routine to suit the bread. It also provides you with a great deal of control over the fermentation process, with quite a thorough understanding of the effect of temperature on dough emerging as the student practices the technique.

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