Sourdough 102 Workshop Notes

Sourdough 102 Workshop Notes

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The Sourdough 102 Workshop notes are based on the Working with Whole Grains (Sourdough 102) workshop.  They overlap in terms of content with the Sourdough101 notes, with the added bonus of detailing the extra processes required to get good baking results when working with wholegrain flours - specifically whole wheat, though other grains can also be incorporated. 

Wholegrain flours are tricky to work with, as the bran contained cuts gluten development, which often results in a poor rise. Nutritionally, though, whole grain breads are far superior to white, as they contain extra fibre and nutrients. 

Wholegrain sourdough bread is a wonderful thing to enjoy, though it has a stronger flavour than white sourdough. This is because wholegrain flours are also more yeast filled, and so they ferment quickly. They take a bit of trial and error, as different flours from different places give varied results. These note help you to understand what you are working with better, so that you can make excellent wholegrain sourdough bread at home.

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