Artisan baker training

Artisan baker training

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If you have an existing bakery, and you need to get your staff properly trained in the processes and techniques of authentic slow fermentation artisan breadmaking, Warwick Quinton, master sourdough baker of 30 years’ experience, can come to you and bring your team up to speed FAST. Existing bakers will generally be capable of working with the basic principles of artisan breadmaking after only one complete session. 

The training is practical, in your bakery, with your bakers. Warwick will train up to five bakers; each full session lasts approximately eight hours - though these can be broken down into two four hour sessions, or four two hour sessions - handy in larger bakeries where pulling the team out is expensive.

Warwick covers all the details; starters and sponges, making dough like a pro, temperature control, proofing, finishing and baking. He goes into the important elements in the finished product - crust, crumb and flavour. He also provides some really handy tips and tricks for your crew to be able to successfully integrate sourdough production into their work day. 

The service can be booked over one or more days, according to your requirements. The training is flexible and collaborative. Warwick works with you, and your team, to educate and motivate your people towards better bakery practices and products. The approach tends to permeate the bakery's general work culture, with many bakery owners commenting that the overall standard of product coming out of the bakery on a daily basis improves, especially when a number of sessions have been run over a few days.

The price does not include travel or accommodation.

Arrangements for travel and so forth can be done on the phone.

It’s a good idea to discuss what you would like to achieve for the training with Warwick so that he can tailor his sessions to suit your team. 

When the training is split over multiple days, there is a daily charge of $120 to cover location expenses over and above accommodation.

Warwick is also happy to provide follow up sessions, or ongoing phone support to designated staff as required.

(Base pricing is for one student over 8 hours in a flexible delivery format. Extra students at $150 each.)


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The movement towards better bread is well and truly underway. Bakeries everywhere are running to keep up, with many being caught off guard, as customers head off looking for great bread elsewhere. Believe me, they will travel to find something they really like. Quite honestly, I speak with thousands of customers every year, who tell me they are bored with their local bakery's offerings. While they may still buy their sandwich breads at your bakery, their baguettes and fancy breads are being purchased elsewhere. 

My service is all about making authentic artisan breads - and while I'm flexible within each baker's skill set, I won't be teaching shortcuts. My methods specifically rule out chemical additives of all kinds. I teach the fundamentals of what used to be called 'time dough' - which in my own bread making practice has been stretched far beyond the parameters of the past. I've evolved the techniques of getting flavour into bread to a point where individual bakeries can choose how much flavour they want to go for! 

It's all about flour, water, salt, yeast and time. I teach advanced techniques with dough fermentation. I teach bakers to work with what they have; I have found that bakers tend to be pretty ingenious creatures, and they will tend to accommodate all sorts of tricks to get the best out of their equipment, their ingredients and their general setup. 

After my service is concluded, I offer unlimited virtual support for one month. This means your head baker can ring, text or email me for support at any time. Please bear in mind that as a long term baker myself,  my support hours are strictly when the sun is up. Within that simple parameter, my brain is yours!

My area, as you would be aware, is sourdough and artisan breads, but I have a broad bakery skill set, and can usually add value in your setup in a variety of different ways. Thirty years in bakeries and cafes and kitchens of all kinds lends itself to a flexibility of approach which I believe can't be matched by a 'training company'.

Call me on 0409 480 750 to discuss.